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2 years and 9 months from the disaster of 3.11, the 2011 Tohoku earthquake & Tsunami. 1,109 days after the horrible day.

Still now, more than 2,650 people are missing, while more than 100 bodies are unidentified. Today I read the article about a young woman in Ishinomaki (one of the most destroyed big cities in Tohoku) who finally found her grandmother just recently. The police has identified certain body which had been found underwater as her grandmother by DNA testing so she brought her ashes home. It's heartbreaking, but must be a bit comforting for the young woman to found her, I hope. The article said her mother was still missing.

How forgetful we are, and how lazy and ungrateful we've become since that day. Just after the disaster we thought we had to change and had to correct and fix the serious social problems, we thought we were all lucky compared to the victims, and we owe a lot to the dead.
But now our society seems quite irresponsible and thoughtless, our legislature failed to malfunction, we find so many terrible news which let us feel down every day.
If we know our good fortune to be here, to live on this day, why can't we change, become better?

The TV program and newspapers continue to mention the disaster and the victims at every opportunity, and I think we really need them.
Tags: disaster & resurrection, thought

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