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rabbits dislike sitting on human's lap

This morning I took my rabbit Mr.Uma to the vet as I do once for 2 weeks. In the waiting room I sat on the sofa and opened the fastener of the carry-bag. Mr.Uma went out of it so I let him sit on my lap as usual. At home he never stays on my lap but the waiting room of the veterinary clinic is not his territory so he was quite a good boy on my lap.
Then other people came in with their rabbits in carry-bags. Today I met 4 other rabbit owners there, and all of them saw Mr.Uma and said "Oh, how cute!". They didn't mean about Mr.Uma's looks (their rabbits were of course also very cute!) but about his stillness on my lap. They said in unison that their rabbits never did the same thing as Mr.Uma.
So today I knew most of the rabbits do not like sitting on the master's lap XD

Mr.Uma's predecessor Mikebo was friendlier rabbit than him, she let us hold her anytime and stay on our lap. Even Mr.Uma is not difficult rabbit to catch and put in the carry-bag - except the first 2 or 3 months when he was quite nervous and not accustomed being with us. It seems that I'm quite lucky to meet friendly rabbit X)

(Mikebo on the laps of my nieces)

(Mr.Uma eating from my mother's lap)
Tags: mr.uma, my dear mikebo

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