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In the office. I can't help but noticing that recently I'm quite addicted to chocolate.

As I have often mentioned now I belong to the section where I can seldom use my skill & can't believe it's really meaningful work, so the working hours are more or less frustrating to me and it's often difficult to concentrate on my task. And to distract my frustration and negativeness about the job I often rely on chocolate or a cup of tea with milk, with their help I try to do my best on those unwilling work.

Because of this bad habit I have to say I've gained some weight recently. Also I sometimes find that without chocolate I can't start the job XD

It's not very serious problem ...yet. If I can do my job with the help of some chocolate, maybe I should think it's more than OK. But I hope to do my job effectively without them, to enjoy my work again.

Well... anyway, at least I enjoy my chocolate very much XP
Tags: daily life

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