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A friend

Yesterday my friend YM e-mailed me ... maybe 6 months after our last correspondence.

We have been good friends for years before, traveled together many times, often talked and laughed together about various things for hours, when she broke up with her boyfriend I even helped her to bring her things back from his apartment. But in the last few years she seemed to be too busy for her job to spend time with me, we have seldom met each other. When my father passed away last summer and I told her about it she sent me no letters of condolence, instead wrote to me about her job & family & hobby and asked me to go to travel again, it's quite lacking of common courtesy and against every social custom. Since then I've been quite careful about the relationship with her, I replied to her e-mails but never actively contact her for I didn't want to be hurt by her again.


Then in this e-mail, after a long interval, she wrote about her current life and her recent trip with her sister, asked me if I was busy or not now, whether I have traveled abroad recently, and said that she wanted to see me in near future. But you know, I can't be sure at all if she really meant it, I can't help thinking it might be just a diplomatic lies.
I e-mailed her back, sent her friendly (but not too friendly) words - asked if her family were well. Then she e-mailed me again soon, to me it seemed that she liked talking about the things which SHE was interested in anytime...

It's sad... but I still can not believe her, her sincereness, her friendship. Friendship? "A friend" just means the person who always listen to you and you need not to listen to? When we get older all of us become more selfish and impudent? At present a contact with her rather disturbs me.
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