katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Winter day

The "winter animals" I saw in some department store in Yokohama, the decorations in its halls. Aren't they cute?

Today it's sunny and the air is mild... I walked to the office. This is the small park I walked through this morning. In the early winter sunshine the yellow leaves were beautiful...

Recently I tend to overeat and often have slight stomachache. I know well that I should not but sometimes I can't help but eating - mostly sweet things. The reason is obviously some kind of frustration, I feel my life is, and everything around me is quite hollow, meaningless, fake - the business, merchandise, TV programs, journalism, politics, even some of my friends' personality. I think some creative activities might be the solution of my frustration - writing or drawing - but at present I can't find time to do so. On such time short winter daytime is somewhat depressive. Sigh.
Tags: daily life

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