katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

another disaster...

The terrible sight of the area damaged by typhoon Haiyan in Philippine remind us of the image of the tsunami stricken area in Tohoku just after 3.11 in 2011 too vividly. Just like then we are worrying why the international rescue operations are so slow, it's difficult to see the people who need the most essential supplies and cry for the help on TV news program.

But we know from the grim experience in 2011 that it's quite difficult to bring the supplies to the damaged area just after the disaster, first they need roads, cars, fuels, aircraft, airstrips, proper maps, directions where to go first ... the infrastructure and information - and these two are the things which the disaster destroyed severely. Now when the rescue teams are struggling to go to the stricken area with food and water and medicine, the survivors might be dying. So cruel...

At present there are little we can do, I just donated some money to the Red Cross. And I think... if this extraordinary typhoons, the abnormal weather conditions these years are caused by the global warming, then are the unfortunate victims paying a high price for the convenient and too comfortable life of us, the people of advanced nations?
Tags: disaster & resurrection, thought

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