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For months I and 2 or 3 friends have talked about going out for one night trip together. We are close friends and had enjoyed many outings before but recently each of us has been busy and found no time to go out together.

And as for me there is one more and grave reason not to travel with them. I'm rather nervous about sound and can't sleep well when I share the bedroom with friends. And one of these friend, M is... yes, she snores terribly. About 2 years ago I've stayed with her in a small hotel and could not sleep at all for hours until I moved to other room with my blanket(it's fortunate we stayed in a suite of bedroom & living room, otherwise I would have never sleep that night), since then I've been quite careful not to share the bedroom with her. It's pity, because she is a good friend and traveling with her is quite enjoyable, she sometimes asked me to travel together but I can't stand another such terrible sleepless night. And she is very proud and rather short-tempered when being spoken ill of and I can NEVER tell her that I can't stand with her snoring X(   (So I also can't tell her I want to book 2 rooms. It costs more and she will certainly ask me the reason.)

So when we talked about the outing together recently I recommend them a lodging which is a kind of a vacation condominium, having a big living room, nice kitchen, bathroom, toilets and 2 bedrooms. It's not a hotel so we have to cook by ourselves but the rooms are neat & clean & big and the price is reasonable. And ... I can sleep in different bedroom from M's.
M and other 1 friend showed interests in that lodging and we decided to go next month.

Then. Yesterday.
M e-mailed me and other friend and wrote that she preferred the ordinary hotel where we'd be served meals, and she showed us some hotels she was interested in. They looked nice, but to me, the problem is that if we stayed in an ordinary hotel then I have to share the room with her, it's the last thing I want to do!

I has been looking forward to this outing but her e-mail disappointed me much. I know it's not her fault, it's my own problem. But... is it my fault that she snores quite loudly like a beast? and that she becomes so aggressive when she hears the negative words?
I e-mailed back and said I didn't want to share the bedroom with anyone (actually I know the other friend sleeps quietly so sharing the room with her is no problem but of course I can't say that!) but not sure how she would react. I'm sure she would think of me selfish and troublesome. Yes I might, I'm afraid I've become quite intolerant of the noise as I became older.

..... difficult X(  (sigh)
Tags: daily life, travel/going out

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