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Travel to Davos - Germany

In the morning of 5th Oct Saturday, my 3rd day in Davos, I was on a big chartered bus running downward from Davos to Bodensee. This was somewhat funny... 2 days ago I'd taken trains running up the moutains from Zurich(408m) to Davos(1560m) for hours, and now going down the almost oppisite route to the lake which is the border of Switzerland and Germany.

My Swiss friend whom I stayed with on my holiday belongs to the choir of the local church in Davos Platz. They had planned 1 day outing on this day and my friend was going to join. I told her that I could enjoy by myself in & around Davos during her absence but the group leader who had heard about my visit kindly invited me to join them. It was a kind of surprise to me but I thought I might never have the opportunity to visit that area so I accepted their kind offer and got onto the bus with the choir members.
The bus first headed for Lindau, the famous Bavarian town on an island on the Bodensee. The weather was not good, weeping almost all day but the old town of Lindau was beautiful. Frankly I had no idea what I should see in this beautiful town for I hadn't known I would visit there until I actually arrived there and I had never read travel guidebooks or something about Germany... so I just strolled around the town with my friend and took many photos X)
5-1)lindau colours s

5-3)lindau rose s 5-6)lindau red s

5-9)indau cat s

The purpose of their outing was singing in the cathedral looking down the lake. It was Birnau Basilica, a huge, magnificent cathedral on the east shore (German side). I had of course no idea I would visit there beforehand and no knowledge about this area at all, even now I don't know well about this beautiful church. But their Catholic ceremony was very impressive, and the choir and pipe organ music were so wonderful. Later I leaned this cathedral is famous for its beautiful acoustics. I had seen some Christian ceremony in the churches on my travels to Western countries before but every time I felt like an intruder and left there soon. So this was the first time for me to see & listen this kind of ceremony from the beginning to the end.

5-12)birnau charch&lake s



We returned to Davos late in the evening tired and hungry, then had late supper. But it's an outing really worth going, pleasant happening on my Swiss travel :)
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