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kittens! 3, and the progress

Recently, sometimes, I see 2 young cats in our garden. I believe they are the kittens I've seen in June.

When I found them with their mother cat in June they had stayed here for about 10 days then gone, and I haven't seen them again until recently. Yesterday, it's Sunday and no foundation work of our house, and I found 2 kittens playing or relaxing here :)
It's good to see them alive and fine!



This afternoon, after the workers have gone I strolled on the foundation of our future house. Now I can recognize each rooms, and I imagined my life in this house ... here is the front door, then hallway, my room, the living room... then unexpectedly I felt gentle happiness.


The life is not easy, the social situation is quite serious, I too have many troubles and anxiety for the future. Still I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to have my own house, far luckier than many other people. I really have to be thankful for it.
Tags: daily life, project

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