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messages between strangers

There are various social networking websites and countless interesting pages posted by individuals on internet. Therefore it's completely impossible to check all the contents referring to the subject we are interested in, and it seems to be a kind of fate which website, networking service, web-community we happened to come across, and whom we can meet.

Some years ago when I was deeply hooked in some British TV dramas and tried to find information about them on internet I came across some interesting pages, certain fanfiction writer and a fan-artist, they brought me to here LiveJournal in the end ...and now I enjoy writing my journal in clumsy English and communication with my wonderful LJ friends from various countries. Those are the people I would have never become friends with without internet and I'm deeply grateful to this modern technology for them.

At present I don't think I have enough time nor intention to join other & newer networking service like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr still sometimes I happened to find some impressive and attractive posts on those services.
Last year I found a (maybe American) young artist who posts her illustrations on Tumblr pages, I loved her art very much and enjoy visiting her pages though I have no knowledge about herself at all. Some months ago I send her a message on Tumblr service to tell her how I enjoy her art. She is a good artist and may get such kind of message from many strangers so I didn't expect her response at all, I just wanted her to know that there is an admirer here in Japan. Months passed, I almost forgot about my message to her.
Then yesterday when I visited her web-page I found her message to me, she posted a message and an art for me on her page. It's a heartwarming surprise.
I don't know her real name nor e-mail address and she doesn't know mine of course (Actually I'm much more stranger to her for she has NO information about me besides my message while I can imagine her personality from her posts), I don't say we are friends, but surely there is some sincere feeling between us.

This is what I love about internet.
Though there are many unpleasant trouble and sometimes serious problems about the association with strangers on internet still I believe our sincere respect or feeling of friendship can reach to the others here as it does on our non-virtual, real communication.

About 15 years ago, when internet and e-mails were not so common for ordinary people like nowadays, I have made some good foreign friends via correspondence (of ordinary letters, I mean). Even now the essence of the friendship or acquaintance have not changed much, it seems.

The pic the lady created for me :)   Isn't this cool?
from sally samurai s
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