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sweaty days, and the progress

Last weekend the temperature and humidity were quite violent. On Saturday we had a meeting with the architect and constructor, Sunday I and mother went to a showroom to check the bathroom equipment. On both days the weather was too good, the sun was blazing and there was no wind. When I was at home I turned on an air-conditioner but lightly for I don't like strong air-conditioning, but it made me feel almost dizzy. Even in the early morning the temperature didn't fall to the ordinary degrees, we are all drenched with sweat amd exhausted. This was really like a nightmare.
But in the garden summer insects were lively, cicadas' songs were quite noisy. I found some cast-off skins of them on grass.

Today we still have this terrible summer heat which the weather forecast warns that would continue for a while, but a bit better than yesterday. And now I'm thinking of my holiday trip hopefully in autumn.... on Saturday we and the architect & the constructer reashed a kind of agreement on our new house. The whole cost would be bigger than our original intention and the period of construction would be longer than the first plan, but they are  tolerable change ... barely X) Now I'm checking the final estimate and once the construction would begin I expect I'd be able to relax a bit, find some free time from these busy and irritating days! The construction would continue till next Feb and we'd have to live in this temporary situation (I and mother in 3 small rooms and tiny & tiny kitchen) for about 6 months, it supposed to be better that each of us get some days off and leave he
re by turns.

And because I feel so tired at present all I can think of as a travel destination is somewhere I can be just relax in quietude, not big towns or sightseeing spots. Might be Swiss Alps, or beach of Oceania... ?
Tags: daily life, project, travel/going out

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