katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

One week

One week after the earthquake.

After unnecessary argument with my friend about how we feel and how to behave, I cannot help noticing that we have all got nervous. After one week of trouble and anxiety now the first tension loosened, we are tired maybe mainly because of mental stress. Essentially we have NO RIGHT to be tired, we, the residents of Tokyo & around area, should be the ones who help victims with the biggest manpower and resources in Japan. Bur threatened by the frequent outages and the nuclear power plant problems we are forced to try to protect our own lives first, cannot concentrate on the people deadly suffering. We continue our lives as usual -go to office, do our job, chatting and often joking about radiation (it's actually no joking matter, but what else can we do??)- but in every supermarket some items are totally gone from the shelves -bread, milk, rice, toilet roll, battery... it means people are scared deep down at their hearts though they are trying to calm down. And the town centre with lesser illumination depress us in the evening.

But, but, don't complain, don't whine, pull myself together, think about the tsunami victims, think about the staffs risking their lives to prevent the worst disaster in nuclear power plant. And do what I can do, do what I have to do.

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