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Peace Declaration

"...People of younger generations, have you ever heard the voice of Hibakusha, survivors of the atomic bombings? ...YOU WILL BE THE LAST GENERATION TO HEAR THEIR VOICE FIRSTHAND. Listen to their voices to learn what happened 68 years ago under the atomic cloud. Listen to their voice to find out why they continue to appeal for nuclear abolition. You will find that, despite much hardship, they continue to fight for nuclear abolition FOR THE SAKE OF FUTURE GENERATIONS...."

(from Nagasaki Peace Declaration by Mayor of Nagasaki, 9th Aug, 2013)

Today is the day the 2nd and hopefully the last atomic bomb used in the real warfare 68 years ago. It has killed about 149,000 people in Nagasaki - more than half of the whole population of the city then.
Now the average age of Hibakusha is over 78 years old, they say.

Nagasaki has been the principal Christian city in Japan since 16th century.
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