katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Some nostalgia.

The 3rd March is the Girl's Festival in Japan and many family with girls display the special "Hina" doll in their house toward the end of February. When I was a small girl it was a exciting family event to display the both of mine and my sister's Hina dolls, small ornaments, flowers and sweets filling the considerable space of our small living room. I remember most of my female friends were like me.

As we get older and busier - and unfortunately today most of us are too busy with too much to know, to decide, to do - many women have stopped setting their dolls, they have been kept deep in closets. But I have managed to keep the custom of the Girl's Festival decoration once a year, maybe partly for the loyalty to the tradition, but mostly for the nostalgia, I think.
Nostalgia for the old days when we did not have the personal computer and internet, when we did not have video player, mobile phone and e-mail but instead did have desire, dream and patience...

Yes, these kind of "traditional" events allow us to recollect our childhood, give us the moment of flash back. Fortunately I'm happy enough now with good health, good friends, moderate job and income, etc. Still the "old days" seems to have its own charms always.


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