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Japanese summer

It's been 68 years since the first nuclear weapon was used to erase a whole city from the world.
At 8:15 am on 6th August in 1945, an American military plane dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, which killed more than 120,000 people within the first 2 or 3 months by itself(more than 60 % of the victims are supposed to be killed on the very day) and has killed many Hibakusha for many years with the radiation sickness.
It was the most efficient murder in human history.

I won't argue about the right or wrong, or about the moral responsibility of this massacre, especially with Americans. But we'd like our Western friends to know that how atomic bombs are against every humanity. Because, now in this world there are too many nuclear weapons, each of them can make the same hell as in Hiroshima or in Nagasaki anytime, in any country.

Recently the international relations has become quite serious in many areas, in many countries radical politicians and stupid youngsters talk about the armaments and war as if they could be the effective solution of the problems. It could be... as long as we could not become one of the victims.

On this high summer day, on this day of praying for peace I think much about war and peace.
This - the memory of war - is also what summer brings us Japanese every year.
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