katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

not clear...

It's summer holiday season. Because many school children have their summer vacation from 20 July to the end of August in Japan, even the workers somehow feel buoyant. Also this hot climate make people somewhat absent-minded, I think.

And as for me, though I should be very clear and cautious (about our house- rebuilding) at this moment, I often find I feel fuzzy or a bit sleepy during the daytime. The reasons might be this exhausting climate, tiredness and the job stress, and it's very often difficult for me to concentrate on anything recently. I can't think well, I can't draw, I can't write.
This coming weekend anyway I'll have to do many things like moving things to the temporary lodging and I expect the physical labor will waken me, make me feel more clear...
Tags: daily life

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