July 19th, 2021


Hot, humid…

Yes I know we are now in midsummer, still, this summer heat is really tough. When I work at home, and under the current situation it’s most of workdays, I have often made a short walk on lunchtime to stretch my legs for months. But now it’s too hot to do it. Seriously, it’s deadly hot and humid. When I was a child, even in midsummer the temperature had dropped late in the afternoon and we had had nice breeze in the evening, so the summer evening was rather a comfortable time, we sometimes enjoyed small fireworks in the garden or on the alley. But now the temperature does not drop during the night, we can’t literally live without air conditioner.

And this year again we can’t go for a swim, nor escape to the cool mountain resort X(

(Krurun is happily napping in the air-conditioned room XD)