December 15th, 2020

daily life

Tired... (@_@)

Today I went to the office. I can do my job at home but about once a week I go to the office to get the various information, talk with my co-workers. In the morning, for I didn’t want to take the crowded bus, I walked to the office with my rather heavy bag(with my lunch, water bottle, wallet, iPad, notebook, cosmetics, etc) and my office computer (in a totebag). In the evening I didn’t walk, but brought my bag and computer again, then did shopping and got some food(bread, milk, etc), took the local train, went to the local library to borrow a book - recently I seldom go out so want to do every errand - and walked home. When I came home I felt rather exhausted and had slight headache. Though this is the cost I have to pay to stay home most of weekday X)
And I took a day off tomorrow, so I expect to have some rest XD