December 5th, 2020


Old houses in the park

Yesterday I went to a clinic for the medical checkup then another to get the medicine, between these two visit I had some free hours. So I had a nice lunch in a cafe in the smart shopping street, have spent nearly two hours in another cafe to enjoy a cup of chocolate and writing letters to friends. Still I have some time so I walked up to the hill near the shopping street to visit the old houses in a small park. These houses were built about 110 years ago by Western architects, one was for a Westerner and one for a Japanese rich diplomat, now preserved as the heritages. I love these old houses and have been there many times before, but not in the last 2 or 3 years. So it’s good to have the opportunity to look at them again. So, yesterday was a fruitful day, I think :)

Nice lunch in a cafe :)