September 4th, 2020



So, I’ve been to Hayama to visit the museum of modern art this morning. Hayama is the famous but small town with beautiful beach near Kamakura or Yokohama, many rich people, even Japanese royal family have their summer houses there. Next to the Emperor’s family’s summer house (of course surrounded by big garden and high fences XD) there is the art museum with nice garden. I have never been there for it’s a bit inconvenient location (there is no train station in Hayama and we need to take a local bus from the nearest train station. From Yokohama station, 35 minutes train ride and 20 minutes bus trip). But I’ve expected the view of the ocean and art exhibition would make me relax. The museum held the exhibition of “100 years of Czech Design” in quiet, smart rooms. It’s not very spectacular but interesting to look at, I liked some modern designs of tableware and furniture. And outside of the building, I could see beautiful beach and blue sky. I have not been to the beach yet this summer, so it was good. I went down to the nearby beach and enjoyed salty sea breeze.

I post this in the restaurant where I had lunch, after drinking my cup of tea I’ll go to the office to work! I hope I’d be able to find some energy to do my task - though now I’m afraid of that I might become sleepy after the sea breeze, train & bus trip and nice lunch! XD