August 14th, 2020

daily life

The summer heat

At the moment I feel exhausted. Today too it’s hot and humid. Early in the morning the temperature was nearly 30°C then about 35 in daytime, and the humidity is always over 60 - sometimes maybe around 80. Terrible. I worked at home today but could not in the loft with no air conditioner. I brought down my office computer (which I have brought from the office yesterday) to my room where I had turned the air conditioner on (for my rabbit), have worked on my desk. I have kept the air conditioner on almost all day (but not low temperature) though sometimes sweated much and sometimes feel cold then switched off the air conditioner... this is not good for my body. If the temperature or humidity would be a bit lower I’d have done my job in the loft just with electric fan but... Anyway this was a tough day :( Summer is becoming more and more difficult time to live recently.

The cats are also suffering from the heat, they have stayed in the shade for hours...