August 8th, 2020


Summer flower

This morning I happened to wake up very early, at 3:30. I just went to the toilet, and before going back to my futon I opened the window, expected some nice breeze from outside for the air in my room was very warm and humid. But no breeze came from window. The temperature and humidity were not as low as I have expected even on that time. Another hot day...

This was a cleaning day as usual, I vacuumed and wiped the floors of all rooms. And because the sunshine was not very strong today - sometimes rather cloudy - I spent hours weeding the garden. Of course these house work made me sweat very much, I took shower three times!
Our garden is now rather “occupied” by lilies - they are not what we have planted, they have just appeared here and there. Because their flowers are beautiful we tolerate them every summer. And those scattered white flowers in our garden look like some... fairy or spirit in the late afternoon light...