May 5th, 2020


On the successive holidays

Now we are in "Golden Week", the big successive holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May, the biggest holiday season in Japan with usually the comfortable weather of spring. But this year of course no one can enjoy any trip, outing with family or friends nor any meeting. Concert, events and sports matches are all cancelled. All museums, movie theatres, libraries and shopping centres are closed. Maybe I should do the household tasks I have planed or wanted to do for years - to tidy the closets, for example. Though I feel little motivation for anything - except weeding garden, so everyday I spent some hours in our garden with not much zeal. And, because I have been at home most of time since the beginning of March, also because everyday looks like others so much with gloomy news, recently I have lost the sense of time and the track of the days of the week. Today is so similar to yesterday, or to any day of the last week or last month. This doesn't seem to be sound. Every day I look at the plants in the garden, now azalea flowers are gone and irises are blooming... and I don't know how fast or slow the time is running.

Our lily of the valley now show their lovely flowers :)