November 1st, 2019


The autumn melancholy

Now we have the nicest weather here, have had sunny days since Wednesday, the air is fresh, the temperature is rather low but with mild sunshine during the daytime we don’t feel chilly. I met the old friend Wednesday afternoon, ate out with other friends after work yesterday.

But unfortunately, I have felt rather depressed recently, cannot enjoy these eating out enough. Pity. In this time of year - when time runs into the end of year, and the temperature becomes lower, I often feel blue. Also, many sad or unreasonable news on TV, newspaper, or internet depresses me. Especially the burning down of whole Shuri castle in Okinawa(yesterday morning) saddened me a lot. I have no particular relationship with Okinawa, never visited the castle. Still I know that restored castle (originally the palace of Ryukyu kingdom, and destroyed during WW2) was the symbol of the history and culture of Okinawa, and the result of great effort and traditional workmanship, and very important place for people of Okinawa which has so much suffered from the annexation by old Japan and then US occupation after the last war(Okinawa is now part of Japan but originally they have totally different culture and background from ours).
Also, I’m afraid that one of the reasons of my depression might be unhealthy meals - recently I have eaten too much sweet thing - so today on lunchtime I ate out in a Japanese restaurant to have grilled fish, rice and miso-soup(traditional cuisine). X) I hope this would work...