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Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

Visiting a museum ( for a job)
daily life
This afternoon I left the office to visit some museum. It’s a museum of railway models, very enjoyable. But unfortunately this was a job, not for fun. The museum had a small exhibition about the company I work for (I work for the brother company of a local commuter train company), and because now I’m in the section which has the responsibility about the archive(company history), I wanted to check their exhibition. So I haven’t seen other interesting exhibitions - wonderful train models! - but they seemed to be quite good. Maybe I will return to the museum on my holiday in near future X)

(In the museum)

The museum was in a new building on riverbank near the train station, and today the air was fresh and comfortable. So visiting the museum was a fun even though I couldn’t see the exhibition enough.

(In front of the building, there was a big funny monument.)