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Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

It’s a comfortable season but...
This morning when I left home to go to the office, I notice the air was fresh and mild sunshine was comfortable. This is really the season for going out. I’d like to make a small going out .... not to far, just some walking after work or eating out with friend and enjoying walking to the restaurant. But it’s not easy now. My best friend is now terribly busy to take care of her parents and their damaged house so I cannot ask her to eat out with me. About some other friends who lives near me, I find problems about each of them. I mean... one talks too much and I don’t want to listen to her selfish long talking now(though sometimes I enjoy her stories), one has some financial problem now and paying for supper might be tough for her, one is now trying to find a new job and very busy etc... then I notice, I should go for walking or eating by myself. Of course I should. But autumn is the time when the temperature becomes low and we tend to be feel loneliness. So I prefer going home to making a lone walking in the evening. Well... maybe I should get some nice book to read and enjoy it in the quiet cool evening.