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Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

A fruitful autumn Saturday
Saturday. It’s fine and the temperature was high for this time of year (the weather forecast says this high temperature would soon change, today might be the last day with this unusual warm weather), and fortunately it’s dry. Saturday is my housework day, in the morning I vacuumed all the rooms and wiped all the wooden floor - this takes more than a hour usually - and at the same time washed the dirty clothes - and some summer clothes. Then put my futon mattresses on the wooden verandah to air them, polished some shoes, picked some flowers and leaves in our garden and put them in flower vases - one of my favorite housework -, took some futon mattresses up to the loft and did some more small tasks. In the afternoon I made some pages of my photo albums - photos of my recent trip to England. All the while, all of the windows of my house have been open and we had some nice breeze, sometimes cats appeared near the window, my rabbit Tako was relaxing under the chair or sofa XD This was just an ordinary but fruitful, peaceful day.

(Do you see this flower vase was originally the bottle of Coca Cola?)

(Japanese pampas grass is now beautiful in the garden.)

(Cats in the late afternoon sun)

(...and a rabbit under the chair XD)