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Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

Autumn thought
Autumn. Time when the air becomes cool and we start feeling like... missing someone or something, feeling some loneliness. Even my nervous rabbit Utako loves to be touched. There are just a few, simple flowers in our garden and I love their colours before the winter would come soon.

(Higan-bana in my garden)

I’d like to go out to enjoy the autumn air and flowers, maybe visiting some temples in Kamakura... but it’s not so easy, in this time of year many people think like me so the nice places are full of visitors on sunny days XD and I don’t like visiting too popular places. But OK, even in our garden I can enjoy the quiet atmosphere of autumn. My mother’s birthday is in Oct. I’m going to eat out with her, so I will book a table in some nice small restaurant.

Our “homeless” cats know how to enjoy the autumn...