July 29th, 2019


...like being trapped

On the last weekend I used my time for cleaning the loft or making the rough plan of my holiday trip etc, but at first I was going to have my best friend B and her husband for our usual "Scrabble match" on Saturday.
Last Friday I was thinking about what I should prepare for our Saturday meeting(mainly what to eat and drink) till late in the afternoon. Then I got a e-mail from B, she cancelled our Scrabble meeting. She said that her husband's mother who lived in Kanazawa, a big city near the Japan Sea, has fallen and broken bones so they had to go there to see how she was. I don't know how old is she, maybe around 80, and at this age broken bones could be very serious. This accident taught me that our daily, ordinary life could break anytime, and although it's not the accident in my family I've felt a bit... threatened somehow.
By the way last week I made up my mind to take summer holiday to travel at the end of Aug for my rabbit had kept her so-so condition for months, and on the weekend I got the ticket and e-mailed to my foreign friend whom I'd like to meet on my trip, tried to make a rough plan. Then, on this weekend, maybe because it was very hot and humid, Tako's condition seemed to become a bit worse, it's not very easy to see her breathing rather hard. I have turned on the air-conditioner mostly for her all day, hoped she could be relax and easy. Next weekend I'd take her to the vet who would take X-ray of her, ask him what I can do for her. I'll do my best to make Tako feel comfortable, then trust her vitality and luck.
Now I hope she'd hold on ...and carry on my travel plan. She could hold on of course, and I'm looking forward to my trip very much. Though I cannot help but feeling like.... somewhat being trapped, anxious.
And the newspapers and internet are so full of the bad news, not help me feel easier at all.