February 12th, 2019


On the snow...

So the second day of my Swiss trip. Today it’s generally sunny. I have walked “snow hiking” trail on alp, enjoyed wonderful view of the mountains. When I was walking on the snow covered trail I thought... the day before yesterday I was at home in Japan, my mind was full of countless concerns in my daily life, then yesterday I has been suffering from the long flight then train ride and exhausted in the evening. And today I woke up in the hotel room with the view of Eiger(3970m), took the local bus going up the narrow, snow covered mountain road, and walked long trail ... along the trail everything was white with snow. And because on our foreign travel when we have to be careful about unfamiliar place, unfamiliar local language and custom etc our priority need to be how to manage the current situation, so our usual, important worries are somewhat forgotten (maybe this is the good point of travel). This big change makes me feel a bit uneasy. Anyway at the moment I mainly focus on my trip, looking forward to tomorrow’s activity :)