December 22nd, 2018


Working Saturday

Today it's not very cold but wet - first cloudy and rain in the afternoon, no sunshine at all. But I've done a lot of housework today, it's made me feel better. At least I didn't waste time today! Now it's the end of the year which is the housecleaning season here (to welcome the coming New Year into the clean house), I cleaned many shelves and walls after vacuuming rooms, brushed Tako, did some cooking for tomorrow my friends will come here. I also made a nice bed for our homeless cats with a foam polystyrene box and cardboard box and put it on the verandah.

Do you see the hole on the lid of the polystyrene box? My first idea was fastening the lid, and cat may go in through the hole. Unfortunately this hole seemed to be too small for them! X(

Tako is fine. I give her the medicine twice a day. She takes it, eats well (the medicine seems to increase her appetite) and poops well, in the early morning she did her usual running and jumping around the room. A good girl! Next Friday I'll take her to the vet again, he'll check how the medicine would have worked. I hope it would!

In the afternoon I got a parcel from my friend. Every year in this time of year she sends me the small box of the homemade biscuits - she has done this more than ...20 years maybe. So now she is quite good at baking and packing them. Looks quite professional. I'm very fortunate to have such a nice friend :)