December 16th, 2018


Winter days...

Yesterday(Saturday) evening I went to enjoy the concert of classical music, the program was Beethoven's 9th symphony. This symphony is performed mostly in the end of the year here so this great music (and quite well performed yesterday!) was not only impressive but also filled me with the complex emotion which we feel just in the end of year. I've worn the kimono (for the first time in this several months) for the concert. It looked nice & I enjoyed, but it's not relaxing attire and sitting on the hard chair of the concert hall in it has made my shoulders and neck stiff X( 

(My kimono - in a mirror. Left one: with a coat for kimono.)

I slept late this morning - partly because of the tiredness but also because it's cold and rather dark morning. It's not raining but cloudy, miserably cold day, I've heated the room all day. So Tako was relaxed on the warm floor.

Outside on the verandah one of the cats (the one with a injured paw) has been sleeping for hours in a cardboard box I put on the verandah. I was glad it's helpful for him. Middle of the afternoon it started raining. I miss the sunshine...