November 29th, 2018


tatami-gae (re-covering tatami)

Tatami, a kind of a thick mat for flooring, has the covering of the woven rush which becomes brown by sunshine and gets worn out as the years go by. So after a few years the covering shoud be turn over, then after another few years be changed.
We have 2 Japanese tatami rooms in our house, and today, for the first time after moving into this house 4 years and 9 months ago, we asked the tatami-workman to turn the covering over. He's taken all the tatami mats from the rooms in the morning, done the job in his studio, then brought them back into the room in the afternoon.

(The workman is taking tatami off from the room in the morning. He is the man who has taken care of the tatamis in our house for many years.)

(My tatami room in the morning (left) and evening(right). Look at the difference of the colour of old and new tatami covering.)

Now after the re-covering the colour of the surface of tatami is fresh green and we can smell the nice scent of rush - this is a luxury of our Japanese rooms ! :)