September 29th, 2018


A quiet, somewhat nice, also terrible Saturday X(

Today it's wet and chilly, and the weather forecast has warned a very big typhoon was approaching, in our area we'd have strong rain and wind maybe in Sunday. Usually I clean (vacuum and wipe) all the rooms in Saturday morning though today I feel like it's troublesome, I had Roomba (robotic vacuum cleaner) clean the floors of just corridor and changing room. I had used it often before Tako began to live with us for I was sure that she'd be scared by its noise. And yes, as I was afraid of, Tako has been quite nervous all the while Roomba was working (behind the door, of course!).

(Tako was afraid of the working sound of Roomba)

It started raining in the morning but just a light rain, the temperature was rather low. Two of our familiar homeless cats were curling together and sleeping on the terrace for hours! XD It's fun to see them.

And the air was filled with the sweet scent of fragrant olive which always fit to this cool and wet autumn air. Even in the early morning I can smell it in my room (and all of the window was closed, maybe the scent came from the small airholes? I'm not sure...)

So this was the day which can be a nice, autumn day ... unless the mailer in my computer have not been failed! It has had the trouble since Tursday evening, today I tried to fix it ... or at least to know what was wrong with it. I talked with my sisiter - who has much knowledge with computer than me - on the phone, then called to the customer service of the Internet service provider but they couldn't find the cause. I literally wasted most of time on this precious Saturday - I feel so bad about this. Of course the computer and the mailer are important, I have no choice but trying to fix it. But I really hate to use too much time for them :(