February 3rd, 2018


funeral, mistake

Some days ago Mr.K, one of our neighbours visited our house - it's in workday daytime so I was not here, mother talked with him. His father, old Mr.K has passed away in December and my mother attended his funeral then. Younger Mr.K came here to say thank you for my mother's presence at his father's funeral, then told mother that there has been another death in his family.
Mr.K's family has lived here since before WW2 like our family has, so we know each other for many years though we are not very close. Old Mr. & Mrs. K have 2 sons (both are older than me) who had built their own houses which adjoin. Old Mr. & Mrs. K were both in their late 80's, so after Mr.K's death in the end of the last year, it sounds sad but rather natural that Mrs.K has also passed away. I feel a bit sad, Old Mrs.K was a kind woman and I liked her much.
This evening they had the funeral and my mother went to attend. Then... as soon as she came home, she told me "I was terribly mistaken! It's not her, it's his brother!".
Who's brother? Him, Mr.K's younger brother!
The fact was, Old Mrs.K was not dead. Who has died was her younger son in his early sixties because of some sudden illness. My mother is now very hard of hearing so when Mr.K talked her about his brother's death she couldn't catch and mistook that his mother has died.

This was rather a shocking discovery - I mean, not my mother's bad hearing, but the death of the man. We are so sorry for old Mrs.K - she lost her husband last year then her son now. And, because we haven't expected this before mother went to the funeral, this death seemed more sorrowful to us.