January 2nd, 2018


The 2nd day of 2018

It's fine again, a warm day for this time of the year. In the morning I cooked the kumquat fruits I've picked from the tree in our garden yesterday afternoon. My sister made a nice lunch for us all, also talked with our mother much about many things. Her husband and younger daughter have gone out for shopping, her son has also gone (maybe to see his girlfriend!) and her older daughter has studied for her examination. Their rabbit Noa is happy and relaxing all day. Our familiar homeless cats have visited our terrace, but today got nothing (sorry! now we have 2 rabbits here and don't want cats to be very near to the windows), though seemed to be happy enough in the sun.

(My sister's black rabbit Noa)

(Cats are relaxing on the terrace. Do you see the shadow of the 3rd cat? XD)

The only one who didn't seem to be very happy was my rabbit Tako, with many unfamiliar people and sound.

(Tako hiding under my desk for hours. But she is OK, now eating the dried timothy grass in her cage.)

It was a nice, peaceful day. :)