November 25th, 2017


Sunny Saturday

It's sunny today, and the temperature is not much low, the air was mild with sunshine. Our Indian summer with bright blue sky! In our garden chrysanthemums are still nice to look at though they past their prime, not good for putting into flower vaces anymore. So I put some flowers and leaves of Yatsude into a small vase and put it on the shelf in the entrance hall.

I hang out the washing outside of the window to dry them in the sun. I'm glad that we usually have enough sunshine or dry air for our washing here. I heard that in many Western countries it's prohibited to hang out the washing outdoors for it would spoil the appearance of the town, and it's a bit difficult to understand for us. In the very towncentre, yes the washing on the balcony does not look smart. But in the residential area... the washing in the sun might be one of the most peaceful sight. And we can feel really thankful to the warmth of the sun.
Our familiar homeless cats looked also happy with this sunny day, they relaxed on our wooden terrace and looked cute. I worked with my computer to make my greeting cards, then in the afternoon I wore my kimono and went out to enjoy the concert of the classical music. A fine day.