October 25th, 2017


joy of walking

Yesterday morning I have had some extra time till the time when I should go to the office so I decided to walk to the next bus stop instead of taking the bus from the nearest stop. It's just 5 or 10 minutes walk, though on my way I enjoyed to see the ordinary private houses (I always love to see the houses of ordinary people and imagine how would be the inside or the owner's lives in them), some lovely flowers on potted plants in front of the houses, people preparing to open the shops. And I felt ... how can I explain? ...the purely physical pleasure in my legs, the joy of walking itself. I hadn't walked lazily even in towns for weeks ... or for months and have forgotten it. And this 10 minutes walk made me really want to go to hiking.

Though after work again I felt exhausted, not physicaly but mainly mentally and felt no energy to plan to go out... X(
And today, it's raining all day and chilly, and I've been busy, and too tired to think ...