October 15th, 2017


What's happening in Napa Valley?

For weeks I've been busy and too much stressed because of my job and I haven't checked the newspapers much. So it's rather recently I noticed the article about the wildfire in California, USA. They said the very wide area in Sonoma and Napa was burning - the name caught my attention. Napa valley? Calistoga? The wine country in California?
Many years ago I have visited there, stayed in a small town named St.Helena. I've visited a nice museum(it's the purpose of my trip), met nice people in a small and cozy hotel, enjoyed cycling to nearby bigger town Calistoga. I was far younger and the travel to that small town by myself was a bit adventurous for me then - it's the time when peopel didn't have internet. A sweet and nice memory for me. The disaster in such rather quiet countryside doesn't sound real.
I hope they'd manage to put out the fire soon ... and pray for the suffering people and animals in that nicest American countriside.