September 12th, 2016

illust harris

pictures by children

Today I have looked at the pictures by children - from 1-year old baby to 15-year students - all day. My company has held a picture contest for children during the summer vacation and now we are choosing the good works for the prizes. Being single and having no child of course I seldom have chance to see the pictures by children, so it's an interesting opportunity to see many of them. Most of the pictures were just... yes, you know, just children's pictures, some were quite clumsy but some were quite good. I liked some "primitive" drawings by infants.
But there were more than 850 pictures and we needed all day to choose about 80 fine works and 10 best ones, and we have kept standing all day so when we finished all of us were tired very much X(
Though this was a interesting job, children's pictures sometimes show the unexpected talent or charm, make us think about how we've started our lives as children...

(This is a drawing by one of my nieces. She made this about 10 years ago when her family had stayed with us, I thought this was a nice picture, put it into a frame and has hanged it on the wall. This is still on the wall of my new house at present.)