May 27th, 2016


the kitten season

This morning, around 6am I woke up and heard small sound from outside of the window...

It sounded like a voice of a pigeon and rustling sound, and has continued for a while. So I got up with sleepy eyes and looked out of the window ...

The above is my post here on 26th Aug 2015. This happened again. I looked out of the window,

... and found the homeless mother cat and her kittens were playing just outside of my window.

Yes, again, I saw the homeless mother cat and her kittens, took a photo of them from behind of the window screen. There were 3 kittens.

I went out and took another photos XD

And you might find that this mother cat is the same one I saw last year!! She comes here quite frequently, I've seen her since when she was young and playing with her brothers or sisters. And she seems to think here , my garden is a kind of nursery though we've never feed them XD