April 26th, 2015


And a beautiful Sunday

It's a beautiful day today with mild sunshine and comfortable breeze. I did much washing and everything dried!
I picked some flowers and put them in the small vases. I love the life with flowers, especially the flowers from my own garden :)  -- I couldn't do this when I had lived in my old small house though I had the same garden then, because I had just a little extra space to put the flower vase. Now I can display the flowers and other stuff if I want. How fortunate I am! :D

In the afternoon I took my kimono, obi(sash) and other stuff out from the wardrobe. I'll have a day off tomorrow, wear my kimono & go to Kamakura(the old Samurai capital in Japan, now very popular small town with many shrines and temples, 30 minutes train ride from Yokohama) with my friend! And weather forecast promises a good weather again tomorrow.