January 23rd, 2014


I wonder...

Today I was wearing a silver ring with labradorite. It's not an expensive thing but one of my favorite rings, made by a young craftsman I know. This kind of small stuff have given me small but genuine joy always. Buying them, wearing or using them.

But recently I noticed these things has not appealed to me as much as they did before, my impression is that they are overshadowed by my recent big purchase - the new house, I mean - and also by - not as expensive as the house but worrisome enough expense, Mr.Uma's health problem. And I have had little interest in buying new clothes, accessories, books & anything I like to buy usually for months. Maybe this is natural thing but at the same time I feel like I've lost some delights of the ordinary life.

I wonder if these delights would back to me when I'd moved into the house and my life would settled in it?