September 28th, 2013

daily life

busy Saturday

This morning I woke up early to take Mr.Uma to the vet - it takes 1 hour to the vet from my house, 2 hour for waiting and talking & treatment, another 1 hour to come home. Today, as for my new house, the chief carpenter put the first woods on the foundation, it's quite interesting to see his job. Then I went to the local library to borrow a book, then went to the concert hall. Before the concert began I entered a cafe where the other customer who was sitting next to me accidentally knocked over her cup of coffee ON MY BAG...(0_o;)  It was a mess! Fortunately she was a very polite woman and my bag was made of brown leather. Then I enjoyed the concert of classical music - concerto for piano & symphony by Tchaikovsky, it was great! And I had a nice supper in a Indian restaurant with my friends.
Busy and eventful Saturday... I'm a bit tired and sleepy!