May 13th, 2013


bird song

This morning, when I woke up I felt tired and at the same time angry at myself. I should not feel tired after the rest of the weekend. It could be that lack of exercise softened my muscles... so I decided to walk to the office instead of taking local bus.

I walked through the residential area for about 30 minutes. It's a good walking, crossed 2 low hills and went through one small park. And on my way I heard the beautiful bird-song, song of Japanese Bush Warbler. It echoed beautifully in the local residential area, really wonderful! The songs of them are considered one of the most beautiful bird-song in Japan, heard mostly from the early spring to summer - so sometimes they are called "spring-announcing bird", and now, in early summer their song has become more beautiful maybe after daily singing practice for weeks :)

(You can hear their song here)