April 8th, 2013

daily life

current feeling

As my recent "busy days" continues now I cannot remember my "usual" feeling before the 2 funerals in my family since last summer.
I have to say I have always been a person who tend to feel busy & not having enough time XD  but... now I have no idea how I could have found time to draw or watch DVD at home, on weekday evening before, recently every night I go to bed in dead tiredness and the regret that I haven't finish the task I should have done on the day.

I try not to think the situation too serious, it's not the matter of life and death anyhow.
And this busy situation would end eventually.
I know I'm terribly bad at time management, and I don't perform well under pressure X(

While I'm so busy, uneasy and confusing the seasons have changed, now the sky seems like almost summer sky...