April 3rd, 2013

daily life


We haven't had sunshine last 10 days. Though we had some mild and beautiful days in the middle of March, lately we had cloudy skies, shower, cloud, rain... and the temperature is low again. Today it's raining and very windy. These dim days make me feel really gloomy. And maybe because I didn't recover my usual physical condition yet, or because I worked hard on the last weekend and could not rest at all, today I feel just tired, and sleepy. I knew 1 or 2 hours sleep would regain some of my energy but of course I couldn't sleep in the office XD ...hence I've done little job today X(
And in the afternoon there was an explanatory meeting all of us employees had to attend. One of the managers told us about the important policy of our company but unfortunately he was not good at his talking, frankly he was a very dull talker so I could not help but sleeping all the while XD
But this unexpected sleep gave me some energy, after this meeting I could do some jobs X)
Oh, and when I returned from the meeting room I noticed that there was beautiful sunshine after raining outside of our window.

sleepy Uma s
(sleepy Uma...)