March 31st, 2013


don't keep too many things...

Today too I was working with old stuff I brought out of the closets or shed. From the most un-accessible closet I pulled out many old magazines which my father had liked reading for many years. He had kept ALL the issues in the files - 1 file for each year (12-14 issues) and I found maybe more than ... 30 or 40 files? (I didn't count them.)
To throw them away at first we have to separate the paper(magazines) from the file which uses some metal, and it's not an easy task! One magazine was attached to the file with 2 small metal pins therefore I had to take 24 to 28 pins off the file. Then we (I & my mother) bound the magazines with strings, put the files into garbage bags. Tomorrow morning I'll have to take them all to the garbage collecting spot (@_@)
I really, really think we should - no MUST not keep too many stuff even if we have enough space in our house!!!!!