March 27th, 2013


quiet day

Now in the middle of the season of cherry blossoms cold weather has returned. Yesterday and today it's cold again, we need winter clothes again, and gloves. Today it was cloudy all day, we had some rain in the morning. The sky was white with cloud, it's a rather gloomy day.

But in the evening I saw Mr.Uma sitting on his toilet box and eating hay - they have the habit to eat hay when they are pooping(so I heard) - it's something he has not done during the last 5 months. I'm glad to see he seems to be recovering :)

My mother is on her trip so every morning and evening I check the locks of all the windows and door of our main house, it's obviously too big house for just 2 of us. I'm looking forward to living in more compact house in near future.

A quiet evening...