December 9th, 2012

daily life

a day of labour

Today I was working in the shed in our garden. I'd like to throw away 2 old bookshelves we've kept for years in the shed to make some extra space there, but on their shelves there were many books and documents and other old stuff. So I took many heavy stuff kept around the bookshelves out of the shed first, checked the old books on the shelves and found most of them were too dirty to bring to the secondhand bookshops. I bound them with string and piled them at the corner of the shed to take them to the garbage collecting point later. Then I could finally take the bookshelves out of the shed, swept the floor and took the other things back into the shed.

When I was binding the old books I became ... to feel a bit angry about this labour. It's chilly but sunny day today, and I spend my precious weekend afternoon with dirty old things in the shed! They were the things my grandfather, my father had collected as their own sweet will for years & years and left without much thinking, and now I clear all of them by myself!  I thought I should never leave my stuff like this... be careful not to own too many things, keep them in order anytime.

There are still many books & things I have to sort into the "to keep" pile and "to throw away" pile but around 3 p.m. I felt so tired and decided to put the labour off. Well... at least I made some useful space in the shed. Good job for one day!

(beautiful evening sky I saw after the labour...)